Mountain News Net

Mountain News Net (MNN) is Colorado's premiere breaking news network providing incident notifications for major fire, police, and EMS events in Colorado for over two decades. Incident notifications are provided to your email address.

MNN strives to only send out confirmed working events and avoid the pitfalls of parroted "active" incident reports from hearsay and social media. Keep in mind that MNN is run by people and we will sometimes make mistakes. When we can, we hope to correct inaccuracies and mistakes sent out on our network.

The MNN reputation can be seen in the news coverage by numerous major news media outlets in the area. Many have subscribed to MNN to gain timely tips of incidents as they occur.

Incident information is sent as heard from on scene radio traffic and trustworthy sources by volunteers who are local to the area. This system provides far greater accuracy when compared with national notification services that often provide second or third hand reports with a delay, much of which is often skimmed from social media. These services incentivize quantity over quality, resulting in every fender bender being sent out, and the information is even occasionally taken directly from MNN!

As with all incident notification services, the information provided by MNN should be treated as preliminary and should be verified with the appropriate public information officer.

For inquiries on how to subscribe, please use the Contact page.